Tips and Tricks to Improve your WiFi Signal At Home

Imagine you’re in the middle of chatting with someone over Skype, or you are on levelling up your favourite online mobile game, and suddenly the internet went off.  Quite annoying right? Today, we’re going to show you some tips and tricks you need to do to improve your WiFi signal. It needs a little bit of effort but trust me, you can do it on your own.

improve wifi signal

There are many factors why the signal coming from the routers becomes slow. And admittedly, most of us do not have an idea of what really the reasons are. We always find someone or something to blame on this issue which is the network provider. However, numerous experts are saying that the network provider is not the only common reason.

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To help you on this matter, we listed here 5 tricks that you should do to improve your WiFi signal at home.

Tricks to Improve WiFi Signal

Here are some of the tricks you may want to try to boost the signal of your WiFi.

1. Placement of Router

placement of router

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How we placed our router can affect the WiFi signal to weakens or strengthens. Do not place your router inside a cabinet or a closed area. It should be put in an open area like a desk, top of the cabinet or mounted on a wall for the router to breathe.

If your home is pretty large, you must place your router in the middle of the house so it can balance the signal it has to produce to cover the entire building.

2. Update the Firmware

Update firmware

Manufacturers are releasing firmware updates from time to time or at least a month. It is always better if you would check the firmware every now and then for possible updates.

To check for your router’s firmware, log in to your admin settings and check the firmware version of your router. Then visit the manufacturer’s site to see if there is a newly released version and download it.

3. Remove everything around the router that can cause interference.

WiFi interference

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Types of equipment like microwaves, cordless phones and TVs can cause interference. If you can’t avoid placing your WiFi on that spot (because that’s the only place you have), then you might try to find another place for those equipments.

4. Reset your Router.

reset router

Oftentimes when it comes to electronic devices, common issues can be solved by resetting. You don’t need to reset your router every time. Maybe in 2 to 3 months, you should do it.

Just remember that resetting your router will bring back the default settings. Once you reset it, you have to ensure the configuration of your settings and change the admin username and password.

5. Consider Upgrading your Router

Upgrade your router

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If you own a 6-year old router, you need to consider upgrading it to a newer one. Routers can cost a lot for sure. But you can always find a cheaper one when it is for home-use only.

Try to do the first four methods and when nothing worked, then you need a new router that has good specifications and can support your online activities.

In Conclusion

These are some of the remedies you can try to improve the signal of your WiFi at home. If you know any other method, please do let us know in the comment section below. You can also leave your questions and concerns regarding this topic. We will try our best to help you as much as we can.

How To Change IP Address In Windows 8

Why would you change your IP address? Well, there are a couple of reasons that come to mind why one would change the default IP address that was given to your Windows 8 device. Basically, your internet service provider (ISP) is the one that assigns which IP address that you are going to use. But you can always change your IP address manually or by software.

Now going back to the question as to why would anyone change their IP address, it’s simple. The most common reason is to fix network issues such as internet connectivity. Or perhaps the computer needs to refresh or reset the DNS and Winsocket.

Then there is that situation where your IP address is banned from a site, so you will have to change your IP so that you can enter it again. Another reason is when online hackers attack you. As you can see, online attacks are made by targeting your IP address. So if you change your IP, then you will stop the attack. For how long you can evade the attack is solely based on the expertise of the attacker.

And then the last one which is when you are trying to register more than one account, but you can only do one because of IP restriction. If those are your reasons, then you should really read and learn this article’s topic.

How to Change IP Address in Windows 8

We will be giving you two methods. These will be easy ones, so there is no need for advanced knowledge of coding and whatnots. Just follow the instruction as strict as possible, so you do not have to wonder what went wrong. And just to be safe, read the whole direction first to understand where it is going. Then read the second time for execution. This is to prevent confusion somewhere along the process.

Method 1: Manually Change IP Address

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows key + R to launch the RUN window on your screen’s left bottom corner.
  • Type NCPA.CPL and press the Enter key.
  • On the Network Connections window double-click on the Network Adapter that you are using to launch the Ethernet Status.
  • Click on the Properties to open the Ethernet Properties window.
  • Scroll down your mouse and find the TCP/IPv4 if you are using IPv4 or TCP/IPv6 f that is your ISP settings.
  • Double-click on the one you are using to reveal the Internet Protocol Version Properties window.
  • Click on the Use the Following IP Address to switch from automatic IP address to manual IP address input.
  • Type in your desired new IP address. (You can choose something like Just remember 192.168.l.l and are same, go with
  • Click OK on all the open windows to close them one by one.
  • Now, your IP address is different from the previous one.

Method 2: Use VPN Software

The first method is for local the IP address change. Hence, you could still be using your ISPs given IP address to your connection. If you want to entirely hide your real IP and change it with a new one, a VPN could do that for you. Here is a couple of VPN software that you can use for this purpose.

This method is excellent for when you want to access a website from a different country. Or simply just want to make sure that your online activities are untraceable. This is usually what most people do especially the ones that do not have advanced technical knowledge in this kind of thing.

Here is the software that we highly recommend that you should use. Some of them are free and some you have to pay to use their services.

Psiphon 3 for PC

  • The Psiphon 3 for PC is a free circumvention tool that hides your online identity. It lets you bypass any types of security to access sites that are supposedly inaccessible. It could be inaccessible by country, IP address, or location. Psiphon will most likely circumvent its virtual fences and gives you unwarranted access to all its contents.
  • This app is free with some limitations such as bandwidth but overall still usable. It is just not ideal if you intend to download huge files. It is because it will take you some more extended time than your usual waiting period.

Opera Browser

  • The Opera browser is a popular browser application that is in competition with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But did you know that there is something really special about the Opera Browser? Yes, it has a VPN feature too.
  • With just a click or two, you can change your current IP address just like that using the browser itself.
  • Yes, the VPN function only works within the browser environment. Your system is now affected by the change of IP address of the browser when you activate the VPN. This is good if you are only concerned with your browser activities.
  • Opera Browser has only five country servers. So you are limited to those places that are listed within the VPN settings.
  • If you have a specific area or country that is not there, then you probably look for another VPN somewhere else.
  • It offers unlimited and excellent download performance.
  • The best part is it is so easy to set up and access. Just some clicks here and there and you are set to go wherever in the World Wide Web.


  • The TunnelBear VPN is another excellent tool to change your IP address with just a click.
  • It offers unprecedented online security that will enable you to be completely invisible on the internet. It is as if you were never online at all.
  • Click your preferred country and TunnelBear will give you an IP address that is local to that country you chose.
  • Switch from one country to another seamlessly and effortlessly anytime you are using it.
  • While TunnelBear is free, it has some limitations as well. It only provides up to 500MB of data usage per month. So if you want more, you have to do some of their tasks like sharing their link to your social media to add more data to your account. Or you can pay their monthly or yearly fee and get unlimited data consumption as much as you want.
  • It is easy to set up and easy to use. One look on its user interface and you know what to do right away.

In Conclusion

Whatever your reason is for changing your IP address, I hope it is for a good purpose. The VPN tools are great when you are accessing your financial accounts and affairs online. Also, if you are connected to a public network, it will be much safer for you.

The first method is best for fixing local area network problems. You can also use it for ISP setup that limits device connectivity on a router. As you well know, DHCP can be set to have a limit on allowing the number of the device to connect to the network. But with the method one, you can bypass that limitation easily.

If you still have questions, don’t be shy and leave your queries in the comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you if you have some parts that you want further explanation.